My Vision

My Vision.

I’m a National Recording Christian/Gospel Artist, a licensed minister, an entrepreneur, a Commissioned Notary Public for the State of Tennessee, and a Howard University Alumnus (BS, ‘13; Mdiv/MBA, ’18) who’s passionate about guiding the youth on their journey.

I speak on topics of self-esteem, confidence, dating/relationships, and waiting for marriage to help young people walk through these stages of their lives safely and with clarity.


The Impact I Aim To Leave On Communities.

My mission is to be the connecting link between young people and their faith. Through music, ministry, acting, entrepreneurship, and education, I can help the youth discover how their faith can serve all areas of their lives and grant them success and empowerment.


To A More Accepting, Welcoming Approach To Gospel.

I believe that God has blessed me with the ministry of celibacy, as I know from first-hand experience how some youth can be exposed to the wrong information about their own integrity and innate ability to protect themselves and their faith.

By being one of my own, and putting myself in young people’s shoes, I can expose them to the beautiful sides of our faith and how it can help them pursue a higher purpose in life.


How I’ve Used Singing To Impact Communities.

I’ve always believed in the power of singing. Throughout my experience, I did a practicum as a chaplain in a local hospital, and the most difficult task I received during my stay was having to comfort the parents of a stillborn baby by singing with them and helping them get over their pain.

Today, I use music to inspire change, create togetherness, and bring communities closer together, which has helped me view my own faith through a broader lens and has given me the opportunity to interact with young people nationwide.